Norfield Development Partners announced that Christopher LeBlanc has been named Chief Executive Officer

Norfield Development Partners, a leading provider of software and services bringing new and innovative technology to the damage prevention industry for nearly four decades, today announced that Christopher LeBlanc has been named Chief Executive Officer.

With over 20 years of C-level operational and strategic leadership experience Chris has conceived
spearheaded and launched multiple organizations and technologies throughout Europe and Silicon Valley, utilizing integrity, innovation and empowerment while delivering outstanding results. His diverse background includes noteworthy leadership roles in technology and software engaging both private equity and venture capital partners. His focus on corporate culture and social responsibility has resulted in two organizations under his direction having been named “Company of the Year”. Chris is an active board member and volunteers with several well-known global philanthropic organizations.

Christopher LeBlanc
Chief Executive Officer

“Chris is the right leader for Norfield and the Board of Managers and I are delighted to have LeBlanc join the team,” said Jim Schwilk, Norfield’s Chairman of the Board. “Chris’ extensive background in technology and global experience coupled with his outstanding interpersonal and communication skills will ensure that Norfield continues to thrive and develop innovative solutions as its captures new opportunities and markets.”

“I am extremely grateful to be joining the well-established and talented team at Norfield Development Partners as CEO. My goal in leading this organization is to draw upon and leverage the solid foundation in which the company has been built, continue to drive innovation and address an underserved market in new and exciting ways,” said LeBlanc. “I look forward to working closely with the exceptional team at Norfield along with our entire board. Together, we will capture the next waves of growth by focusing on our clients, creating new value for the market and providing the best career experiences for our employees.”

About Norfield:

Norfield is a leading damage prevention software provider in the United States, delivering innovative
solutions for one-call centers and ticket management solutions for utility companies across the country. Norfield is a partner and customer first company. Our team is focused on software products that make things simple for our partners and customers to drive safety and excellence throughout their organizations. Thousands of users nationwide trust the reliability of Norfield products daily. Our goal is continuous innovation, do the unexpected and make it easy to do business with our company and its employees.