Welcome to NC811 TICKET REVISION or simply “REVISE”

Ticket revisions will allow you to:

  1. request a destroyed marks ticket for an existing notice,
  2. cancel an existing ticket, or
  3. request a 3-Hour notice on an existing ticket. 

To process the ticket revision, you will need :

  1. the existing ticket number and
  2. the phone number that was provided when the request was made to perform these revisions.
  • Destroyed Marks: If you have an active notice, you may request a re-mark of the area requested on the original ticket when the utility markings are no longer clearly visible due to weather, grading, construction activities, etc.  This destroyed marks notice will be assigned a specific ticket number and will expire the same date the original notice expires.  Member facility owners will respond to the request as soon as practical.
  • Cancel: Allows users to cancel an existing locate within three business days after the notice was created in the event the excavation will not take place and/or incorrect information was provided on the notice. 
  • 3 Hour Notice: Unmarked facility within the area of the dig site? Users may re-notify facility operators to indicate they are aware of or see indications of an unmarked facility at the proposed excavation or demolition area. 
  • View Positive Response:  You may also view the responses posted to the notice by the facility locator to indicate if it was marked or if the dig site is not in conflict with any underground facilities.

NOTE: the ticket number and the phone number used when the original ticket was processed must be provided to access these applications.

If you are unable to meet ALL of these requirements, please exit this application and dial 811 or (800) 632-4949 to process your request during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., except holidays).

Requests submitted using this application are not valid until a “Successfully Submitted” message and the ticket and revision number are displayed.