NC811 Tailgate Wraps

The goal of this campaign is to promote the message of “Know what’s below call before you dig” and to reduce damages by partnering with North Carolina 811’s Safe Digging Partners.  

  • NC811 intends to provide 26 tailgate wrap grants through this campaign.   
  • NC811 will compensate a maximum of $225 for each wrap. 
  • Each entity must fill out an application to qualify for the tailgate wrap sponsorship. 
  • The entity must be an active member of NC811. 
  • The tailgate wrap must be displayed on a vehicle for a minimum of three years. Prefer a supervisor truck, inspector truck, etc. 
  • If the wrap or vehicle is damaged, NC811 will not be responsible for the cost of replacement. 
  • NC811 will provide the graphic image file for the tailgate wrap along with the logo of each utility shown on the wrap. It will be the responsibility of the utility to obtain a graphic company to print the graphic and install on each vehicle. 
  • The cost can be handled by either the utility paying for the wrap and submitting an invoice to NC811 for reimbursement or the utility can have the graphic company bill NC811. 
  • Photo of the tailgate wrap on the vehicle must be submitted along with the invoice.