Field employee misplace their locate request number? Resident with mystery markings in your yard?
No need to panic, NC811 has just what you are looking for.

NEAR TICKET allows you to see a listing of active excavation notifications in your immediate vicinity via the GPS on your phone or PC.

Access NEAR TICKET below or use it on the NC811 app.

Watch this short tutorial video before you start using Near Ticket.

Location Privacy Settings will need to be turned on to utilize NEAR TICKET.

Search for “LOCATION PRIVACY SETTINGS” on your computer and turn on allow apps to access your location.


Ticket Searches/data requests performed by NC811 will incur fees, along with appropriate court orders and subpoenas if the
requestor is not a member or is not the excavator needing a copy of his/her own ticket. The search fee is currently $25 per hour
for non‐members. Information will not be provided to third parties without received court orders/subpoenas along with payment
per policy set forth by NC811 BOARD OF DIRECTORS. NC811 is a non‐profit organization; FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)
does not apply .