Positive Response


Positive Response is how members of North Carolina 811 provide information concerning the status of your location request. Have the facilities been marked? Does the locator need to meet with the contractor or are there no facilities in the area of excavation? There is no charge to you in retrieving the information and members can save the cost of re-transmitted locate requests. Positive Response closes the circle of information on a location request. From the excavator, to the member and back to the excavator. The Response is Positive!


There are a number of options when it comes to checking the responses to the underground facility locates that you have requested. You can review your locate request status by dialing 1-877-632-5050 or on nc811.org or the NC811 app.


Dial 1-877-632-5050
Press #1 to obtain the results of a locate request
Enter the locate request number followed by the # sign
Use the number 1 for the letter A
Use the number 2 for the letter C
A response will be given for each member utility 


Members using a Ticket Management System should have the ability to connect directly with the Positive Response System and automatically provide their responses on each location request. Use the Newtin Log-In button below to submit Positive Response information after you have been set up in our system.

NC811 Member Response Codes

  • 10 No conflict, utility is outside of stated work area
  • 20 Marked
  • 30 Not complete
  • 32 Locate Not Complete, additional communication with the excavator required. Unable to contact the excavator.
  • 40 Could not gain access to property, locator will contact excavator
  • ​45 Railroad Facility Not Marked. Any excavation, access, construction, or installations on railroad property require appropriate railroad permit(s) from railroad owner/operator.
  • 50 Critical facility not marked, The utility owner or their designated representative have contacted the excavator and have agreed to a period that an owner representative must be present during excavation to identify the unmarked facility and/or monitor the excavation
  • 55 Critical facility marked. The utility owner or their designated representative have contacted the excavator and have agreed that an owner representative must be present during excavation
  • 60 Locator and excavator agreed and documented marking schedule
  • 70 Excavator completed work prior to due date
  • 80 Member’s Master Contractor is responsible for locating facilities
  • 90 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ Facility Has been Marked in the Field
  • 92 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ No Facilities in the Area
  • 94 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ Facility Records Provided
  • 98 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ Access to Facility Records Provided 
  • ​100 Location request denied due to Homeland Security Concern.  Member utility operator needs to confirm legitimacy of the proposed excavation and may need additional information. 
  • 110 Sub-aqueous Facilities Present.  Member utility owner will locate facilities within 10 full working days. 
  • 888 Extraordinary Circumstances Exist.  Member utility owner unable to complete location request until (Date / Time).
  • 999 Member has not responded by the required time

Positive Response FAQ

The member facility owner didn’t respond with a valid code, but 999 appears as the provided code. What is this?

Code 999 is automatically applied for any non-responding member facility owner. If after arriving on the jobsite and there are not any visible indications of facility within the area of the excavation or demolition, the excavator may proceed with digging.
If you are aware of or observe indications of an unmarked facility, do not begin digging. Please contact the center directly by dialing 811 or 1.800.632.4949 and a CSR will assist you in resending the request to the non-responding members.
A 3-Hour Notice can be requested in the event the member facility owner did not respond.

What are some visible indications?

Poles, markers, pedestals, meters, valves, etc.

The member responded with No Conflict , but when I arrive onsite I can see that their facilities are in the vicinity of the excavation or demolition ?

Anytime you are aware of or see evidence of an unmarked facility, contact the center immediately. A CSR will help assist in resending the notice to the affected member facility owner. The member facility owner(s) are responsible for marking the facility within 3 hours of the call as long as the excavator provided the notice according to the requirements of the state law!

The member did respond & indicated their facilities were marked, but when I arrive on site, there are not any markings?

Some things to keep in mind that could cause markings to no longer be visible are weather conditions such as rain, large job sites with multiple excavations taking place at once, the time-frame between the date the response was posted and the date you arrive on site, along with many other reasons. That’s why it’s always a good idea to visit the site quickly after the 3 full working days notice has passed.
With that being said, contact the center directly and speak with one of our friendly CSR’s who will gladly assist you in re-sending the notice to the appropriate member facility owner, which could be a 3 hr notice, or it could be a Destroyed Marks notice depending upon the situation.