Safety Sam

Safety Sam is everywhere these days.  He’s on banners, billboards, tv, magazine ads and more. Request Safety Sam to appear in person at your next big event.  There is no charge for his appearance but he does require a dedicated handler to assist with his safety. 

Would you like Safety Sam to attend your company event, tradeshow or school?


  • A handler is needed. This person will not be asked to speak for Safety Sam but someone that can help guide him around.
    ​If no handler is available onsite, Safety Sam’s presence at your event will depend on someone from NC811 being available to attend this event with him.
  • Every 50 minutes Safety Sam will need to take a (10) minute break. (due to the heat within the costume)
  • If inclimate weather is an issue for an outdoor event Safety Sam may not be able to appear due to possible damage to the costume.
  • A changing area of some sort will need to be provided for Safety Sam to change into character. A place that is secluded from the show area.
  • At larger events, an MC will need to be able to introduce Safety Sam so people are aware of who and what he represents.
  • When having Safety Sam on-site, please share any photos or videos that are taken at the event. Please send to
  • Please schedule Safety Sam one month out from time needed. This gives us plenty of time to prepare for your event.
  • Safety Sam will have the right to distribute North Carolina 811 marketing information and merchandise at events he is attending.
  • Mascot will maintain a 6′ distance from the audience
  • Handler will wear gloves and mask while handing out 811 marketing information to those in attendance.
  • Safety Sam will not be able to hug nor high five anyone that approaches him
  • No handshaking