Brunswick County Public Utilities supports damage prevention through 811 logo on water tank 

Every nine minutes an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig without first calling 811. To keep the water flowing, Brunswick County Public Utilities does not want anyone to become part of that statistic by damaging their facilities.  

Utility services that your family depends on, such as water, sewer, cable TV, high-speed Internet, landline telephone, electric, gas, are buried underground in many communities. Striking one of these lines can result in inconvenient outages for entire neighborhoods, harm to yourself or someone else, and costly repairs.  

For this reason, Brunswick County Public Utilities has partnered with North Carolina 811 in spreading this important message by placing an 811 logo on the water storage tank on Highway 17 South in the Winnabow area. The Brunswick County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the placement of the logo in 2020. 

“Safety for both residents and our utilities is of paramount importance to the Brunswick County team,” said John Nichols, Brunswick County Public Utilities Director. “As a county experiencing constant development, the North Carolina 811 program is a beneficial and innovative service that protects residents and prevents unnecessary damages to our communities’ critical infrastructure.” 

Homeowner projects involving excavation are at an all-time high.  “More than ever, protecting our underground utilities are vital to those that are working and educating children from home,” said Ann Rushing, Education Manager with NC811. “Having Brunswick County Public Utilities share the message keeps it front and center to the growing community and passersby traveling Hwy 17.”  

When you call 811 three days before you plan to start your project, a one-call center representative will collect your information and notify the local utility companies of your intent to dig. A professional locator will then visit the dig site to mark the approximate location of all underground utility lines with paint, flags, or both. Once your site has been marked, it is safe to begin digging around the marked areas.  

No matter the type of project – installing a mailbox, putting in a fence, planting trees or shrubbery, building a patio or deck, or excavating a new garden area – make sure to call 811 three business days prior to digging to have your site properly marked.  Help us remind customers, as well as your friends and family, to do the same. Know what’s below, contact 811 before you dig. To learn more prior to your next project, visit