Our first Safe Digging Partner Most Valuable Professional Award goes to Bobby Gurganus with Piedmont Natural Gas

Bobby Gurganus is a Pipeline Utility Inspector with Piedmont Natural Gas.  He is a lifelong resident of Onslow County.  He works out of the New Bern office and covers the Onslow County area.  He has been with PNG for 17 years.  He is always in attendance at the Jones/Onslow UCC meetings and participates in the discussions.  It has been said that Bobby is very passionate about his work and a proponent of safety on the jobsite.  Bobby regularly participates in their on-site pre-construction meetings before any construction begins.  He also works to makes sure everyone stakeholder is aware of and attends these meetings.  Sometimes there may be as many as 15-20 people at these meetings. He is always asking for Excavation Guides to give out to contractors.  In talking with some of the contractors that work with Bobby, we heard things like Bobby is always concerned for their safety, checking their traffic control, checking the job site, etc.  It was said that Bobby is always fair as an Inspector, knowledgeable, willing to listen and help with construction related issues as they arise.       

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