Safety Sam and NC811 supports Greensboro Beautiful

11/05/2022 – Safety Sam & NC811 was in attendance to support the tree planting project.
This program provides residents an opportunity to plant trees on City-owned property, public areas, streets, and front lawns in areas of neighborhoods where:

trees have been damaged or lost to storms, disease, or age;
canopy cover is needed. Canopy tree replacement will be accomplished by utilizing open space and park land to replant larger trees to maintain canopy integrity;
trees have been removed as part of ongoing vegetation management work associated with
overhead utilities;
neighborhoods are active and organized, with a commitment to participate in the planting and longterm maintenance of the trees, consistently watering for the first three years.
The NeighborWoods is funded by private donations to Greensboro Beautiful’s Tree Fund, with support from the City of Greensboro and the Guilford County Extension Master Gardeners.